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Catalin Rulea - Vox, Guitars, electronix
Andreas Aron - Vox, Bass
Tudor Popescu - Drums, electronix
Liviu Iancu - Vox, keyboards
Diana Secu - Vox

It’s all clear. From the first man on the moon to the bishop of scientology it was only a step. A small step for us but a giant leap for humankind. Armstrong (and I’m talking about Neil) should have performed live for the cathodic tubes receivers like the lira bird. Hand in hand with Prunariu, Jähn and Yuri Gagarin, they should have formed a band for their scientific ideals to become decibels. A great voice of romanian pop music once sang only for the third millennium… she was also the one who celebrated the grapes of underground transportation progress. All this being said we ask ourself if the technological progress is above us or if we are above it. As we said… it’s all clear. From all this things to Pixels it is only a step.